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Is Paladin's Parashock Guard worthwhile for solo?

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My pally is currently only 215, but levelling quickly.

Parashock Guard, when maxed, gives
MP Cost: 32, Guard Chance: -20%, DEF: -20%, When nearby party members are hit (except yourself): Damage -20% and Guard Chance +20% , your Attack Power +20

I only ever solo, and that has been the case for 15 years, so unlikely to change. I currently do not boss, but that may well change as I level, just to get equips & funds for my other chars.

Since i only solo, it seems like this skill, for me, is a trade off of "Guard Chance: -20%, DEF: -20%" vs "Attack Power +20".

My current STR is 8627 and, crudely, each ATT is worth 4 (or is it 5?) STR..

So, I am trading -20% DEF against 80 or 100 STR, which doesn't seem worthwhile to me, but I don't really have an in-depth knowledge of the mechanics of the game, which is why I a asking you guys where I ought to use this skill or not.


  • ProphetieProphetie
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    While grinding, monsters will hit for 1 damage as long as you have enough Arcane Force
    While bossing, attacks will hit you for a percentage of your health making defense practically useless in all available content
    I personally always have it active

    Paladin best class!