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Obtaining denaros in event shop/sunny sundays

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edited March 2021 in Suggestions, Feedback, and Requests
There should be a way to obtain denaros for people who have been locked out of CPQ and can no longer obtain denaros. You miss out on so much damage and gear if you are locked out of CPQ. With the awake meso shop selling droplets and for some reason shadowknight coins, I feel like they can also sell denaros in the meso shop or do some kind of sunny sundays to give denaros.


  • WhorificWhorific
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    +1 on higher Denaro availability. Voyages are time consuming, boring, and you're forced to do way too many of them to get an accessory. Since they like adding dailies these days, they could add a set of kill quests to Commerci, similar to the Arcane River dailies. They could also just add them to the Gollux spawning shops alongside Shadowknight coins.
  • babyjellobabyjello
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    +1 Definitely needs to be implemented in future events.