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[Bera] R>DragonTribe•Lvl 27•Friendly•Bossing

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Hello one and all! DragonTribe is currently looking for active lvl101+ players who are looking for a place to call home~ Our primary focus is to create an inviting environment for both newbies and veterans so that everyone can enjoy playing the Mushroom Game a little more.

Who we are:

- Guild Level: 27 (Lots of benefits :wink:)
- GuildMaster: RizáSaika
- Bosses: We can carry up to Lomien, but we have parties for Lucid/Will +
- Activity Level: Around 1-2 hours
- Location: USA

Who we are looking for:

- Lvl 101+ (min. level required to join a guild)
- Goal-setter and driven (motivates others and works on self-improvement)
- Communicators (willing to ask for help and talk things out rather than blaming others)
- Actively plays (no min. commitment required, but we'd like to see your lovely face)
- Fun-loving and kind (respectful in-game and irl, no trolling/botting)

If this is something that peaks your interest, hop in our newly revamped discord: https://discord.gg/KcZeYYmE

We're still working on making our discord more warm and toasty but we'd love for you to join us~