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Add items to Exchange Pieces/Fragments

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edited April 2021 in Suggestions, Feedback, and Requests
The following items should be added to Exchange Pieces/Fragments. What these items have in common is that they only drop by chance by their respective boss which provides no safety net which the unluckiest person could be without a single copy of the item for months. There is a common trait for early to midgame content to have such safety net such as exchange pieces/fragments.

Allow 5 Piece of Darkness to exchange for Lionheart Battle Shoulder, Dragon Tail Mage Shoulder, Falcon Wing Sentinel Shoulder, Raven Horn Chaser Shoulder, or Shark Tooth Skipper Shoulder.

Allow x Captivating Fragment exchange for Kanna's Treasure, Ayame's Treasure, and Hayato's Treasure. The amount should be based on the lowest amount one could get in a month (20~25?)