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Gender change item/ability

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I'd like for a gender change item whether it be cash shop exclusive or be bought using meso to be available for purchase to help those transitioning (me included) use their desired gender without losing progress on their character. I understand its not really something of high priority but it would be nice to add so I'd appreciate any support here.


  • KlaraKlara
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    That's high priority to me and MANY others. Players have been asking for gender change or removing the gender lock for years and it's really frustrating that we don't know IF we'll ever get this freedom of customisation. Nexon doesn't communicate their view on this so players have to make up their own accusations.

    I frequently change the designs of each class so I almost always end up deleting characters because of their original gender. It's upsetting to lose all the progress I've worked on just because I want to use a gender-locked cash item, hairstyle, or facestyle.

    Also, female Mihile when? It's been 8.5 years since release, I'm desperate, and the wait is driving me insane.
    A lot of people would also like male Angelic Buster. So far it's been an 8yr wait since release.