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Having denaros in event shop or sunny sundays

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Being locked out of Commerci content is terrible. Content where there is a chance to be locked out should be looked at and changed. I am currently locked out of Commerci content because I did not unlock CPQ( as I was new to the game). I have also used the stimulus system. I understand that it is my fault for being locked out but, honestly, there should not be content where someone can accidently be locked out forever. I suggest having denaros in event shops or providing denaros in Sunny Sundays. In the Awake patch, they were selling shadowknight coins ( not sure why), and honestly, I'm pretty sure very very little people bought those coins. Also, there was a sunny sunday where they gave shadowknight coins. Instead of selling those coins, I suggest they sell denaros. They are useful to everyone and especially useful for people who are locked out forever.


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    I agree. Nexon really need to implement a system that can pretend this type of situations from happening.