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I miss the old Reg and VIP Hairstyle coupon

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Came to realize you can no longer get any of the older hairstyles recently and forced to settle for the system that's in place now. Essentially, randomized hair coupons that never lands on the hair you want and either you settle for the hair you got, revert back to your default hair, or gamble on another hair coupon. The only other option is to pay for a hair specific coupon in the auction house that may be overpriced assuming it's available. Makes me think it's designed to be that way on purpose to profit off of multiple NX purchases (assuming if you are determined to get the hair you want). The only thing you have a choice for in terms of cosmetics are skins and hair colors. Beyond that, everything else feels a bit limited and how are you supposed to know when the hair options are updated? What's your take on those changes and do you miss any of the town specific hairstyles from days of old?


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    There is also a Choice hair coupon in the cash shop, which allows you to choose from among 10 styles (some new, some old). I agree it's not as good as the old VIP system (which had way more than 10 styles to choose from).

    As for knowing when the options are updated: Cash Shop Update notices are posted to the main website every Tuesday at 6:30 PM Pacific Time.