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V-matrix - I can merge A with B, not B with A?

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edited June 4 in General Chat
So, I have a skill at level 15, also, I have enhanced it by 5 levels (probably by paging mesos?).

I realize now that has 2 really good lines and on ok, but not quite so good. And, I just got one with 3 ideal lines.

I can merge the new one into the existing, but can't merge the existing into the new one, either because it is higher level, or because of that 5 level enhancement.

Is there any way that I can merge them to get the 3 best lines of the newer one?


  • AKradianAKradian
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    edited June 4
    You are probably unable to enhance because the node is equipped in the V Matrix.
    To unequip it:
    - Open your skill window.
    - Click on the big "V Matrix" at the top of the 5th job tab. This will open the V Matrix.
    - Double-click on the old node that you don't want to use anymore. This will un-equip it and move it to the bottom row.
    - Find the new tri-node that you want to use instead, and double-click it to equip it to the V Matrix.
    - Close the V Matrix Window.

    Now you should be able to talk to a Nodemaster NPC to enhance the new node with the old.
  • MawgMawg
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    Sheer genius!! That worked perfectly. Thank you !