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(Cernium) Borderless BGM Map

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This BGM (Glorion: Borderless) played during Convergence as part of the Cernium questline (After That Day+) in a map called "Somewhere in Tenebris", I believe (I saw this name on the mini map as the cutscenes warped me elsewhere). Does anyone know if a map with this specific BGM is accessible (walking or Hyper Teleport Rock)? I couldn't find the one from the questline

I sent a ticket to GM, but they didn't know and advised me to come here. I've had no luck trying to find the Convergence map ... :c


  • PirateIzzyPirateIzzy
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    This map is only accessible during Convergence / Cernium, the map is specifically called Barrier Between Worlds. It's also reused for the Seren boss battle, but it has a separate BGM there.