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Neo Castle - Castle Column Mini-Game

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edited June 2021 in Suggestions, Feedback, and Requests
This mini-game simply does not give enough gems as a reward. Even with notable effort and reaching 60+ floors, we cannot get 10 gems which was possible even when we got 4th place in One Card. I reached 52 floors on my first run and only got 3 gems. With all of the dailies that we have to do, playing this game over 30 times (where we just spam the spacebar) to cap the 100 stone limit, it becomes too repetitive and not at a good cost. Maybe it made sense because each run takes less time than a One Card match, but I find One Card to be fun regardless of whether I win or lose, and not every match takes a long time. At the very least, I know that I may have a chance at getting 40 gems at once if I win the next round of One Card, but if I score an average of 50-60 floors in Castle Column, how much better can I get, really? That means I can get a maximum of 3 gems per match as long as I don't mess up. Although Castle Column is quite fun as well, it still requires us to focus and the measly reward that is given despite trying our hardest just isn't worth it. I believe the number of gems should be increased to 5 gems per bonus scored for a total of about 15 gems (for people like me who score an average of 3 bonuses) per game to make it more tolerable, or reward at least 10 gems for a "loss" or the lowest score in order to stay consistent with One Card, but actually make it obtainable.

Thanks for reading.
  1. Should number of gems rewarded be increased for Castle Column?1 vote
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    2. No, you are too greedy.
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