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Help with legion tracking

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Hie! It's my first post here! So let me know if I can improve anything hahaha.

So, if you play maple for a long time, you know how frustating it can be to keep track of your characters level and manage it for your legion.
Thinking about that and wanting to manage my characters level and milestones better I decided to look for something that could help me with that. Since I couldn't find any app, site or exccel archive that could help me with it, a friend and I decided to create our own hahaha. I'm sharing this here, because I think this can help a lot of people that want something like this as well, like I did.

So I'm sending a picture for you to see a little of mine planner and see how to use it, also the link so you can download it :P Is simple, you just mark a X in the milestone your character is currently in and then you can keep track of each Job progress.

PS: Tips and criticism are apreciated. Hope it can help others as much as it's helping me <3, btw in case you didn't notice english is not my native language so any corretion in that matter would also be great! My IGN in Reboot is MatoiPace in case anyone want to chat ^^ Happy mapling!


Link: mediafire.com/file/32d51zisoeqwczr/Grid+de+Personagens+Maple.xlsx/file?fbclid=IwAR356yNkZieWIAPxX0dt6ShYhjgSKYLIEdG-DsK3-4a8FeTt-ojTDD7BbsU