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New to the game after long time

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Hello there community,
So i decided to play MS again after so many years of not playing. My characters was deleted due to not any activity in my account so i have to choose what class to start with and I’m in a dilemma. I looked up some guides and videos of many classes and i came to conclusion that i need to choose of if these: Kanna - i liked her a lot I’m a big fan of mages.
Kaiser - i remember when he came out i was playing a bit and i like the play style of him.
Dual blade - he was my main back when he came out and he have a place in my heart for ever, this is my favorite class of all time.
Cadena - from all the classes, this is might be my decision.
And the last is one of the explorer mages, really old school and nostalgic class and I’m big fan of them.

So i made this to ask your suggestions about one of each classes I mentioned above.