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DMT failure prediction !

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edited July 2021 in Rants and Raves
since nexonNA continues to ignore and really start optimizing the client or start building 64bit client just like other (won't be usefull just for DMT, 2x EXP event and other stuff .... is just improve in general)
so instead of mitigating the issue with poor & limited DMT (cough when DMT rank up rates ? cough )
change the priorities that are wrongly scheduled such as pushing new class,not balanced new content and lootbox(cash grab content) and then call it a day ...

at this point am writeing this for fun no incentive to return in GMS anytime soon (atleast not till 64bit change hope it goes well in KMS )
and also with hope to avoid reading same poor copy-pasted MEMoE apologize all over again with PR "compesation" following afterwards
come with something better please !

good luck reboot !
condolence to non-reboot for doing it without cube sale and with less "free" cubes due to nerf (they are needed to fix the lines)
also huge hug for f2p players in non-reboot trying to get most out of DMT with limited few NX cubes in RP shop (maybe one day all cubes will work at DMT )