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MVP system

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I really wish to know why I drop back to bronze 4 next month while upgraded myself just a tad bit into GOLD this week ?
It reads simple amount till next tier [ so assume diamond ] is 291,860 NX while keep current tier is 319.350 NX , and expected tier next month is Bronze 4 ????
So how on earth do I drop from Gold back to Bronze 4 and not even Silver ?? I play Maplestory but no clue what kind of Greedy Nexon plays for games seen MVP . This just means way lesser people even be able to keep MVP up even when tis only Silver or something .
I have a house I rent incl all other costs So I have bills to pay but this way I just being forced to stop get mvp which would help in game fact I simply can't afford it anymore on such terms . Just those who earn big money some way have the profit . Complete ridicilious !!!!


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    Your MVP Special rank is based on your spending in the current month and the previous two months.
    On the 1st of every month, the system "forgets" everything you spent two months ago, all at once.
    So, for example, if you spend a million dollars' worth of NX in January, and nothing after, then you'll be MVP Red in January, February, and March. But on the 1st of April you will drop back to Bronze IV, because everything you spent in January stops counting at that point.

    In my personal opinion, the only healthy way to treat MVP is to ignore it. Buy only what you want (and can afford) from the Cash Shop. If it happens to get you some MVP rewards some months, great. If it doesn't, oh well. Don't spend just because the game tells you that you "have to" in order to keep or increase your MVP rank.