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lack of information from maplestory

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lets talk about the term account wide. account wide means it should be accessible through out the whole account not within a server on the account.

here I was, playing maplestory casually until I had to deal with the inevitable "x hour lotus pre quest" nightmare. knowing that planning ahead is always a smart idea and is what I'm used to doing, I go to google searches and type in "maplestory is lotus pre quest account wide". lo and behold I find myself a post from reddit being top search stating that damien and lotus prequests are indeed account wide.

I know how r/maplestory isn't affiliated with Nexon so I go to maplestory forums to search as well, I am not able to find anything that is helpful except a comment from a user also stating that lotus pre quest is indeed account wide. I feel skeptical but I also see a moderator in the same comment section talking as well, so I think to myself "If the moderator isn't correcting the person, the information must correct!"...

I know there has been some "lack" of information scandals from maplestory recently regarding probability and all that fun moral stuff, and I know Nexon wasn't the one to give me incorrect information but is it that hard to have basic information accessible?

now... If anyone is able help me on if I can transfer the black haven block buster over to another server that would definitely save me another watch party of almost 2 pirates of the caribbean movies


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    You can find the information on StrategyWiki, at least. The regular wiki does not appear to have been updated, I went ahead and updated it (the Damien page as well).

    You cannot transfer Black Heaven's completion to another world, at least not without a server transfer event (which seems unlikely in the foreseeable future). I don't know about Black Heaven taking ~5 hours to complete, though. I'm fairly certain that's longer than I took when I was recording a full playthrough of Heroes of Maple, including lingering on the dialog so people could read it.
  • asyuuasyuu
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    thanks for the wiki link, ill use it next time I need info about maplestory.