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Known & Fixed Issues 9.26.2016

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Gameplay and Functionality
  • The Hero Shade Damage skin is not properly applied when used.
  • Chaos Vellum will heal itself during the fight.
  • After fusing the Tyrant Hyades Cloak and the Wings of Fate, the effect can no longer be toggled.
  • The Burning Character item does not work.
  • The personal accumulated points sometimes does not get counted at the end of a day’s event, but the points do properly accumulate.
  • Combining the Blonde Moonlight Fairy Hair with the Mix Dye Coupon will sometimes cause the hair color to change while climbing.
  • Owl of Minerva is missing from NPC Sly's Shop.
  • Beast Tamer's tutorial cut scenes cannot be skipped.
  • Adventure Journal button missing after first job advancement.
  • Item Tournament of Heroes Ticket cannot be dropped from inventory.
  • When using Mercedes to fight Kapus, the player can fall through the map causing the prior cut scene to restart.
  • The Pale Spectre will not have an avatar after giving the Pale Spectre the Unholy Water item.
  • New User Event in the Event List says 9/17. The event starts on 9/07.
  • There is only one Maple Life box that shows as a reward on the Event List, but there should be several.
  • The White Mage Hair clips through hats.
  • Text in the Explorer Book runs off the bottom of the page, before being cut off.
  • Defeating an Elite monster displays no on-screen message.
  • When speaking to Cygnus in quest "The Rules of Warfare" there is a random letter K.
  • Descriptions for Basic Hydroblaster, and Bubble Blasters give misleading directions about moving while attacking.