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Disappointed beyond belief - Big Sad

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edited October 2021 in Rants and Raves
Dear Nexon,

I can be very short about it; it's a common phrase used in the US: "What the f&%#!"..
What have you done? Are you being serious? Is this really how you treat a small minority of your player base, no matter how miniscule it may seem to you?
Didn't you think it was enough to just prevent Dutch players from trading NX items and purchasing Maple Points, using the Meso Market and disabling all of the features relating to gambling in any way?
Now you've actually crossed a line.. a very fine line which you should not have crossed.
There is a difference between fixing your game to fit the regulations according to the law of a certain country and BREAKING core and FUNDAMENTAL game mechanics.
I understand the decision of making NX items untradable. I understand the usage of the Meso Market and Maple Points should be prohibited. I also understand that the Dutch law is what's forcing you to take these actions.
What I do NOT understand is how you take it as far as to remove CORE MECHANICS of what make this game a MMORPG, or at least, what HAD MADE it so.
Have you ever heard of a MMORPG without trading functionality, which didn't even allow you to drop items from your inventory? I certainly have not.
I am at a loss of words here. The approach you're taking makes no sense whatsoever.
Now look, I understand the following: hypothetically speaking one could exploit the 1:1 / Auction House trading functionality to earn money from purchasing/selling in-game items, this is probably the reason you've decided to disable this for Dutch players. Now does that mean it happens often enough to make such a big change?
Who is monitoring you in such a way that you decide to remove essential game functions for a certain group of players?
What would even happen if you were to not take these actions?
Aren't you able to get a license which allows Dutch users to partake in online trading? I know that getting such a license is a hassle and probably is expensive, but what about the Dutch community of the game?
What happens now?.. This is completely going to ruin my experience in the game. I am at a point where I have to decide whether it's still even "FUN" to play now.
MapleStory has already slowly changed into a solo game, whereas it used to be a massive MULTIPLAYER online game. Nowadays everything has already revolved around solo play anyway.. and lets not stop there, keep going and remove the only way to somewhat interact with other players, through 1:1 trades and the auction house.
What becomes of my characters in Bera now? I have played this game for years and never been so disappointed by an update announcement.
Compensation? Nah, we don't do that here.. "We understand that some of the Dutch players may be interested in transferring to Reboot world and we will make leveling easier through some sort of event." ---- ?????????????? WHAT???
So.. That's all? Just another burning event? What more? A couple of double exp coupons?
Are you out of your mind? The only fitting form of compensation I can see in my mind is to allow us Dutch players to transfer characters from other worlds to Reboot.
And by this I actually mean: transfer ALL of my Bera characters to Reboot.
I don't see why not? Why can't this be done? Yes, Reboot is a crowded server.. but removing trade functions and disabling the dropping of items essentially turns Bera into Reboot for me, at least from my perspective that is.
There are so many other approaches to this problem, yet you managed to pick and apply the worst.
The funny thing then is that the only compensation you are willing to give is a LEVELING event for NEW characters on the Reboot world.. have you completely lost it?
What about all the time invested in my Bera world, where I have 32 different characters, of which 7 are level 200+ and most of them range somewhere between 100-199?
How am I supposed to progress in a server where I cannot trade with other players? What about some of the items I cannot obtain on my own because my characters lack the strength to beat certain bosses? Examples are: CRA gear, Absolab gear, Arcane Umbra gear, time limited / event items of the past, collectibles.
With very limited ways of making mesos on your own how do you plan on allowing us Dutch players to progress?

This game has already turned into a pay to win game, we Dutch players CANNOT pay to win. There is virtually no free to play progression possibilities and now you're completely removing the only way for free to play users to progress at all?!
Now what are my weekly Haven quests for again? I can't sell the diffusion-line energy cores anymore? I am not strong enough to defeat Lotus on my own, and to be honest does party play still exist in this game nowadays if you're not in a guild with whales who AFK at Henesys all day and do bosses just to take a break from AFKing?
This decision will negatively impact the game experience of EVERY Dutch member of your game, keep this in mind. I know we are a small minority, and you probably couldn't care less.
But AT LEAST give us a good compensation for this MASSIVE inconvenience.. our game is being destroyed, and it is not an overstatement.
The least I expect is that you allow us to transfer characters from other worlds into Reboot, and by this I mean multiple characters, if not ALL characters. Not just ONE silly character and a couple of leveling events and exp coupons.


A very sad and disappointed Dutch Mapler
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