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Maple Variety: Tangyoon Restaurant - nerfed in GMS

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So I recently did the Tangyoon Restaurant mini game on my Level 262 Wind Archer, and I received approximately 8.69 billion EXP as a reward. Noticing that this was a little lower than I expected, given how there have been EXP charts catalogued from players in Korea MapleStory, I did a little research by looking for the EXP value given in both KoreaMS and MapleSEA (South East Asia). I discovered that for certain levels (mostly 250+), the EXP values in GMS are lower than the amounts in both KoreaMS and MapleSEA. For comparison's sake, here are the two charts, with a Korean chart listed on Inven:

Here's a chart of MapleSEA under the "Event Minigames" section:

As shown in the charts, I would be expected to receive 13,313,700,000 (13.31 billion EXP) as a reward for completing the Maple Variety - Tangyoon Restaurant minigame at Level 262, but instead I received 8,698,300,000 billion EXP at Level 262.


A few other players below level 250 have tested it as well. Some of them received the exact same amounts as shown on the charts, while others received less. In conclusion, Nexon America / GMS has deliberately nerfed the EXP of the Tangyoon Restaurant minigame (and possibly other Maple Variety minigames later on during this event). Any particular reason why GMS is getting a nerfed version? MapleSEA also has Kishin Shoukan and not Frenzy, yet their EXP is identical to KMS, so I'm going to rule out spawn boosters as a reason.