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Error after a restart laptop

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in Tech Support
yesterday i decided to re install after years.
for the first launch, Maplestory seems to be fine. but once i shut down my laptop, and turn it back on later the day. i get an error. and need to fully install maplestory again with lots of trouble.

the first error i seem to get. even tho i cant make any sense out of it
File ''modules\nexon_runtime.py'', line 214, in nrt_save_manifest_to file
File ''modules\contenttools\manifest.py'', line 374, in save_manifest_to_file
PermissionError. [Errno 13] Permission denied. 'D. \\ Program Files\\Maplestory\\maplestory\\patchdata\\10100.manifest.hash'

later i get errors after deleting Maplestory and want to reinstall (Error 30004 and Error 20410)
also the Repair and Unistall buttons seem to be faded aswell. so if i want to remove Maplestory. i need to manual go to the folder and select delete.

after restarting my laptop over and over, it once let me download maple again and i can play, till i shut down my laptop again and turn on later. then the story starts again....

can anyone help me figure, where the cause of the first error. where it goes wrong. i dont seem to find any files missing either


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    Seems to be a matter of permissions. Make sure you run Nexon Launcher as admin every time.