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Train Conductor game [ event ]

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edited January 14 in Rants and Raves
I have no idea who designed that Train Conductor event but I think all off us see it as some bad one .
The game totally is a drama , and doesn't function properly at all .
Assume another bug is present here , and it really gets on your nerves to even get the game finished 2x .
Its is another big failure from Nexon side as many is atm .
People again start crashing more after the "fix " I know form GMS side we get a word they still looking into it but The Koreaon Owners should be knowing how to solve the issues we are dealing with .
They just don't give a **** about Reboot or any server from GMS at all .
Maybe they hope the game runs dead and they can close it eventually , same as the did with Global MS 2 .