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Aquarius Crown is best in slot

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Aquarius Crown is the closest thing to a Tyrant Hat Maplestory has to offer.
If you Use Incredible Chaos Scrolls of Goodness and Return Scrolls until you get +5 or +6 ATT/MATT for all of it's 24 slots and then Starforce it all the way to 22 stars, you're looking at 200+ ATT/MATT. Having a lot of ATT/MATT is actually really good if your gear has a bunch of +ATT% or +MATT% multipliers.

But to as why It is Best in slot, Just look at the New level 250 Equipment coming in the 3rd part of the Destany update. The set resembles CRA with the top and bottom, but unlike cra the 2 set bonus already gives +40 ATT/MATT & +10% boss damage. It's still unknown if The Genesis weapon is going to be an official part of the 250 set or it's just going to remain as a lucky item. If equipping a Genesis Weapon and 1 piece of 250 gear gives us the 2 set bonus that would mean we would also get the 3 set bonus with the top and the bottom. The 3 set bonus is +50 all stat, +40 ATT/MATT, & +10% boss damage. But of course we would still lose out on +10% boss since we would no longer have the cra set at this point, but -10% boss +200 ATT/MATT is an amazing trade off.

Aquarius Crown VS CRA
Aquarius Crown is alot harder to obtain than a CRA hat since you would have to spend about an hour in the Tower of Oz just to obtain 1 replacement for 22 stars.
With CRA hat you can easily get it to 22 stars as the replacements are so easy to obtain. However The level requirement on Aquarius Crown is level 150, meaning you can Transpose onto a Sweetwater Hat. And SW is at least less frustrating to obtain through voyages than if you were to do a 1hr oz run.

Aquarius Crown VS Arcane umbra hat
Arcane umbra hats aren't even best in slot in the current meta since cra provides +20 more ATT/MATT with it's 3 set bonus and +30% boss with a Genesis weapon.
If you use Icogs for all 13 slots for 6 ATT/MATT and 22 star that's around +168 ATT/MATT and you get the 6 set bonus (+30 ATT/MATT) for a total of +198 ATT/MATT. Aquarius Crown if scrolled with +6 icogs and 22 stars is exactly +234 ATT/MATT. So between the two there's a difference of +36 ATT/MATT.

Aquarius Crown VS 250 Hat
You would truly have to pray and hope that Nexon will be fair and have all of this equipment automatically 22 star like a Genesis Weapon Liberation.
Otherwise in order to 22 star one piece of gear you would have to keep obtaining replacements for 1.5 years for each piece. That's a lot of time. Honestly if that were the case the 250 set should win over all. The amount of time investment for just the hat alone is not enough though you would need a genesis weapon, top, bottom, and hat for the 4 set bonus to get the +30% boss inherited from cra, +50 all stat, & +120 ATT/MATT, its more like +70 ATT/MATT because cra has +50 ATT/MATT. The base stats of the 250 gear are still unknown, if the base stats of the hat are the same as the arcane umbra hat slots and all, +6 icogs & 22 star would be +238 ATT/MATT. So between the two that's a difference of +4 ATT/MATT and additionally the 250 gear's potential tier is 3 tiers higher than Aquarius Crowns. I would say that Having Aquarius Crown until you defeat Seren enough times to get your last two pieces of 250 gear would be correct for gear progression.