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Cheating Duplicating

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edited March 17 in Rants and Raves
I see the Monopoly of game play and money making has gone to the CHEATS once again.
In my opinion there are DUPLICATORS in game still.
Ive played since 2006 and BETA many parts of this game. Ive seen many bad aspects of cheats and hackers i they at it again.
It use to be in FREE MARKET and now its in AUCTION house.
Once again we have the typical greed of someone placing over 2000 Junipers and Hyssops to bring down prices and to take the market.
This is not a LEGIT Player but a hacker duplicator. We saw it with Scrolls some 10 years ago. We saw it with Chaos Cubic Blades and now with Junipers seed oil.
GMs you need to do something about this and FAST please. Thanks


  • SnickySnicky
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    Nobody responded but I think u should have send a screenshot of this and all needed info into a ticket to the support department .