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Have no Time 2 Play MapleStory Every Day

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I want to play MapleStory so bad everyday but I can't because I have life :(

Sometime I wish I could not have lyfe and play MapleStory 24/8

*Proceeds to sulk by Horntail's Lair*



  • Map1eWarriorEiSamaMap1eWarriorEiSama
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    That is totally normal, but an even more normal human being weights correctly the importance of different things they have in life. I think you are doing a great job by prioritizing what are more important to you than playing games. Playing games is also a valuable part of life, don't get me wrong, because a lot of people play games to destress, this is super important, but it is also part of the scale and you are weighting that against many other more important things, not to mention you must have other ways to destress, I for one love listening to old Maplestory music, haha. Keep at it, you are living the one life you have, treasure it well. -thumbs up-