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New EU Reboot player looking for a nice guild!

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Hi there!

I just returned back to maplestory after a long time. I've never had too much experience and i just started playing on EU reboot. Hoping to find a friendly community to hang with! :)

-Andu (ign Yokil)


  • JakeXLD7JakeXLD7
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    Hey there, I have just made a post.
    I have opened an Reboot EU guild and looking for people to help me grow it up!
    I am alone there with 4 of my characters at the moment, everyone is welcome and weekly bossing + guild PQ is not mandatory as for now.

    Guild leader ign- BeautyKnight
    Guild ign- Rafiki

    You are welcome to send any message for help either way, join or not and I will try to help as much as I can :)