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I have a couple of items that I believe are no longer obtainable in the game in case someone has interest. Please leave your offer or let me know in case those items are still obtainable.
I also accept any offer for shadower equips

1. Wise Tree Branch Nose
2. Agile Tree Branch Nose
3. Black Shoes of Death (probably the only one remaining in the server)
4. Moon Bunny Tail
5. Frying Pan
6. Light Beam Saver
7. Black Paint Brush
8. Newspaper Sword
9. Newspaper Hat
10. Diamond Dagger
11. Shinobi Bracer
12. Bloody Queen Chair
13. Chewing Panda Chair
14. Horntail Chair
15. The Gold Dragon
16. Ribbon Snake Chair
17. Blue Sauna Robe (M)
18. Maplehontas
19. Maple Thief Shield
20. Palette (probably the only one remaining in the server)