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Rien and Nautilus exploration achievements stuck

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edited May 25 in Bug Reporting
Bug type: Achievement, cannot complete

Brief bug summary: The Rien and Nautilus exploration achievements are stuck on 100% and cannot be completed.

Description: When the achievement system was introduced Rien and Nautilus had maps that either didn't exist, or were not accessible. This was fixed after a few weeks. People who had the 20/21 completion on Rien, and 14/15 on Nautilus before the fix would then be stuck with 20/20 and 14/14 after the patch. They are now stuck on 100% completion without being complete.

The achievement update feature does not complete this achievement. Entering the maps again does not do anything.

This bug is extremely annoying as the two achievements have been stuck as the top two pending achievements for several years, making it difficult to know of any close achievement completions to check off without going through the whole list regularly.