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[Elysium] *request* B> Food NX & Chairs

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Hey hey,

I'm looking to add some giggles to my game and I'm doing that through collecting food themed things, they're cute and give me a giggle. Having said that, could I please ask, those with unwanted food themed NX (weps/outfits/hats/pets), mounts, damage skins and chairs, if you could please consider putting them on the AH pretty please?

My log in times are not consistent enough to arrange a direct sale (I'm casual playing RN) but I quickly check the AH daily to grow my food collection. I would be delighted in having the chance to liberate some unwanted food theme things from you. This collection will take time to build, only just started, so I'm always on the hunt for anything food themed, even if it's a stretch like café chairs and food truck mounts, just keep that in mind if you ever end up with a undesired food anything.

My most desired item right now is the 'Crispy Fried Hat'.

ty ty ty