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[Game Breaking] Dual Blade - Mirrored Target

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edited June 2022 in Bug Reporting
Bug type: Skill functioning incorrectly.

Brief bug summary: Mirrored Target skill functions incorrectly when Familiars are attacking.

More details:

Dual Blade's Mirrored Target skill has been broken ever since the introduction of the familiar system. This includes the first initial release of familiars to Global Maplestory, and the revamp that we are familiar with today.
This skill is a core identity to the class, and its power and balance is revolved around this single ability. Mirrored Target loses its functionality when players Summon Familiars and the Familiars begin attacking the boss.
I have a brief video showcasing this phenomenon. I did my best to demonstrate that the skill works as intended @

You can observe the following THREE things:
• Mirrored Target working correctly without the presence of Familiars
• Mirrored Target working correctly when Familiars are present but NOT ATTACKING
• Mirrored Target working incorrectly when Familiars are present and ARE ATTACKING

Wind Archer's Emerald Flower and Marksman's Arrow Illusion serve the same purpose and functionality as Dual Blade's Mirrored Target. These skills serve to maintain the attention of Monsters and Bosses, allowing maplers to safely deal damage. Emerald Flower and Arrow Illusion work as intended even when familiars are summoned and attacking.

The explorer revamp is just over the hill, and it would just be a shame if this skill was still broken when the revamp arrives in Global Maplestory. If there is more documentation needed to get this resolved, I will gladly provide every single detail available to my knowledge.

I appreciate the time you take to read this, and I hope that we can work towards improving the experience for maplers that play the Dual Blade class.