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ERROR CODE:20410 CAN'T download Maplestory

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edited June 15 in General Chat
As said by recent notices we should reinstall maple story. I deleted the files of maple story on my computer and reinstall nexon launcher. i clicked the uninstall button on game configure in Nexon launcher yet when i tried to download I got this error :error code:20410.Also i saw that the play/update/download button was in repair mode? how do I continue to download without worry?


  • BlasterMasterBlasterMaster
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    They forgot, it seems, how an overwhelming surge of players try to log on after a lengthy 8-hour update, that naturally lasts 10 hours.

    Same old same old, unprepared to release an update they've hyped for months. make the players angry, never try to fix the problem
  • luchexitoluchexito
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    Same error, help us nexon.
  • ML13ML13
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    this specific bug has been happening to mabinogi as well since 2017
    try running maplestory through steam
    it's a server issue on nexon's side