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Couple thoughts on the revamped Night Lord.

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Its disappointing.

1. Why did they go with basically the same color scheme as NW? There was already a thief that throws stars and is dark purple. I didn't pick NL to be a discount NW.
2. Shadow Partner is hideous. Please change it back. It makes no sense given the rest of the color scheme, and transparency doesn't affect it.
3. The skill animations are meh, but showdown takes up half the screen and the hitbox doesn't seem to match.
4. Dark Flare literally looks like Omen, but with shuriken's instead of bats. Why?

1. Surge is absolutely garbage, it doesn't even move you enough to get out of gollux's hand, it literally goes almost two character widths LESS than NW shadow step and shadow step doesn't have a cool down.
2. Surge doesn't animation cancel, making it almost completely worthless in avoiding anything in bossing, since you have to wait for your character to finish throwing all their stars first, and by then the attack you're trying to avoid already hit, and even if you anticipate and stop attacking before hand there often isn't enough time to hit the boss between attacks to reduce the cool down, meaning your stuck with 5 seconds of no dodging ability, which makes it again pretty worthless in most situations.
3. Dark Flare no longer has damage reflect, so now little things like whale in PNo takes like 20x longer, one of the few blessings we had pre-patch.
4. Shadow Leap is literally shadowweb except now it doesn't do any damage. Vertical mobility was not improved at all on this revamp, we literally are still stuck using Rope Lift for any situation where we used it before.
5. Assassins Mark is still trash compared to NW Bats, and STILL doesn't remain toggled on after death.
6. Spread is too wide, so the stars angled downward almost never his the boss, completely wasting a significant portion of NL burst.

They basically turned us into a worse version of NW, by giving us the same color scheme, knockoff animations of their skills, crapper versions of their utility skills, but none of the good stuff that NW has, like better meso to damage ratio on bats vs mark, or iframes and personal binds. I didn't need slightly higher damage on burst. I needed better sustained damage between bursts, and I needed the character to actually be useful for farming without requiring us to have 35k stat while wearing drop gear just to one shot with mark at Arcana. *sigh*

You're welcome to hate on this post, I'm just annoyed as I was expecting a revamp of Night Lords, not a poorly implemented conversion to great value brand night walker.

*edited to add a couple issues after playing some more*