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Kanna .... What a joke

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Probably gonna get people flaming me for this post but it sucks when you put a fair bit of time into a character you enjoy (Not talking bout kishin because that needed removing long long ago.) just to have it become almost useless.

Figured id check on how my bossing was post nerfs and its a complete and utter joke lol ... gone from being able to solo lotus in 2-3 mins now takes 6-7 minutes lol ? what ? i mean i suck at bossing but ... as a 32k stat full perfect tri nodes im sure any other class could do this boss SOOO much faster with the same investment than 6-7 mins lol ? and i know kanna has op support .. but then nerf that inline with bishop ? why just destroy their damage lol ? complete joke balancing team needs sacking.


  • LeoLeo
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    Agreed. The FD targets and discourages any kanna attempting to do solo play. What a waste of investment.