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Wrong rate of drop items from bosses in Reboot

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edited June 30 in Bug Reporting
Bug type: Ingame error

Brief bug summary: Several bosses (including Hard Lucid, Hard Will, Akechi Mitsuhidel, maybe more) have dropped 0 to 1 (not sure if 1 actually dropped) mastercraftsman cubes since the Destiny update, but there was so change log in the patch notes that state this would be the case. Previous to the update, these bosses have dropped 4-7 mastercraftsman cubes consistently. Other bosses still drop the usual amount as they did before. I suspect that this is not the only item with wrong drop rate.

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Character name: jms8714

Character level: 277

Character job: Battle Mage

World name: Reboot

Date and time of the incident: Since Destiny update

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  • ApollothonApollothon
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    Would also like to add on to this that bosses in Reboot are dropping far fewer rewards compared to before. It was mentioned in the patch notes that more difficult bosses would be more rewarding but nothing was said about nerfing flame and cube drop rates.

    I run Ctene on 3 characters, and clear Nslime on 4 more. My total weekly flame haul was 3 red flames and 1 rainbow. The lowest drop rate I had on was 120% and several characters were clearing with near max drop rate. The amount of Meister cubes was also far fewer than before this update.

    And from watching just a few streams from Regular server players on GMS and KMS it does not appear that there is any difference in our drop rate vs theirs. Despite Reboot allegedly having a boss drop rate multiplier to make up for not being able to trade.