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Jett Revamp When?

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While 4th job Jett (and therefore 5th too) is still better off than it used to be, I think Jett being an explorer too, should get the same treatment as the KMS explorers, and have their skills and mechanics revamped too.

Some skills could probably remain pretty much the same, but just with some stat adjustments, but the 1st-3rd job skills (which starline includes in 4th job too) could still be done better than they are. Jett is an interesting class despite their damage output being lower than some other classes, but they could use some adjustments, to encourage more people to play them.

Since Jett (and Zen) was originally just a reskin of Corsair, it's a shame that now that they're not basically just the same class, for Corsair to recieve a revamp now, but not Jett. I know GMS made Jett, and not KMS like with
Corsair, but knowing that all the explorers would be revamped, its a shame for a Jett update to not have been planned to release then too.


  • ClawStaffClawStaff
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    I've been trying to think of what can be changed with Jett besides just changing the appearance of existing skills and maybe increasing the range of them. And I think that starting the Starline skill at Starline 3, but with lower damage, and instead adding damage to it via passive skills when advancing jobs (to put Jett in the same state as now, or better in 4th job) could make sense.

    Or heck maybe Jett's Core system (the stardust one, not 5th job) could be revamped too, where there is still RNG involved with it, but the best possible stats are instead given to Jett as a passive, instead of the RNG being about that. But instead the Core is used as basically a randomized version of Hyper Passive skills, but instead of being for 4th job skills, are used to make 3rd job and below skills gain effects that can make them strong enough to still be useful in 4th and 5th job (like more AOE/Range, increased number of hits/lines, and anything else you might find on a hyper passive skill).

    I know 5th job nodes also enhance skills below 4th job too, but they are still rarely used on most classes in 5th Job, and the hyper skill passives make only using 4th job skill cores usually the best choice. It would be nice to see Jett have something else that makes them more unique, by having the possibility of making use of all of their skills from all their job advancements.
  • _nbchu_nbchu
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    Most underrated suggestion.

    I really looked forward to the Revamp of Explorers until knowingly they ignored Jett.
  • gytyhhgytyhh
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    They did not improve it at all and the worst of all is that neither the maple warrior nor the echo hero in the icon bothered to modify them as the adventurers continue as before, They should give us the option of being able to change from job to job since they do not improve it or pay it the least attention in all the patches I look for improvements and not a single one comes out since in the KMS there is no jett it does not even give it the major interest.
  • GINbulletGINbullet
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    My main character is Jett. I have been playing it for several years. We usually use the V skill Anti-Gravity Cycle SFF-X Summon as a boss hunting burst skill, such as in the p3 of hard lucid. However, When we use this skill, many other skills are banned, including many essential skills, such as Terms and Conditions, Memories, Gravity Crash, etc. It means if we want to use this Anti-Gravity Cycle SFF-X Summon to increase damage, the total damage may decrease, which leads to the uselessness of the skill Anti-Gravity Cycle SFF-X Summon. And the damage of this job is really low, I played a dark knight and solo hard will at the 40k stats but I could not use my jett to solo it until it was 52k stats. Also the 40s BA of this job is really low. I hope NX can improve it.