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Car tier list for each class?

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Is there a level rundown for each class on vehicles to redesign? I'm new to the game and need to ensure I utilize the better vehicles in the game.

Figure out how to drive with your elbows out. You won't find lasting success on the off chance that you're not ready to exchange paint or put the guard to somebody. This doesn't mean be a savage and corner bomb (that is the point at which you go maximum speed into a corner without applying any brake and hammer the individual into another nation), or do PIT moves when somebody makes a surpass. Be that as it may, you will probably have to drive somebody profound into a corner by hitting their back guard, or constraining your direction to the front toward the beginning of a race or when theyve left an opening within. In the event that you are turned, pummeled or commit an error and lose a lot of spots, dont cry and fury quit/restart. Continue dashing and continue to battle for spots. Poo occurs - individuals turn, get destroyed, commit errors, and so on. You can in any case get done with a decent position regardless of whether you're fourteenth after three laps as long as you battle. The more you race, the more practice you get and the better you'll be.