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Monad - Progress Reset

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edited September 2022 in Bug Reporting
I've looked around a bit and haven't seen anyone experience the same issue I have, but for the sake of checking my bases I'll make a report and give as much information as possible:

Bug type: Monad Progress Reset?
Brief bug summary: Monad initially was really unstable for me. I think I've disconnected no less than 5 times during the caravan part of the questline. Disconnecting wasn't an abnormal occurrence for me (or I suppose with anyone else) but this was frequent enough to raise an eyebrow.
I've crashed about 4 times with the game screen seizing and then ultimately needing to be force-closed.

After being the final boss Julieta for the first time, I watched the post-story cutscenes and then the youtube video where Alika has her dream triggered. After watching the video (I assume it was the end of the video) the screen seized up again and I had to close the game.

Upon restarting I was sent back to the lobby area where I could interact with the mission board so I assumed I had cleared all of Monad. Trying to go back to the portal and opening up my Act menu, I saw I haven't even "unlocked" Acts 2 and 3. I couldn't even select them.
I had my progress saved in the mission board plus I had my equipment rewards.

This is either normal for Monad or my progress was wiped - I'm not sure, but I can't even preview Act 2 or Act 3.
Now I have 2 quests I can't forfeit (they're just stuck forever until Monad is removed) and I have Elva's Potion Notebook forever stuck in my inventory that I can't throw away.

Cleared all of Monad, crashed at the last cutscene (youtube video), lost all my progress.
Is this normal or is this bugged?

Character name: AinDash
Character level: 205
Character job: Dual Blader
World name: Aurora
Date and time of the incident: September 19, 2022 / Within the vicinity of 6:30PM PST
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