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New NA Reboot Guild Recruiting - PartyPlay

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Do you miss fighting normal enemies together with party members? Tired of soloing everything? Then why don't you join PartyPlay? This guild is named after the system that once existed in Maplestory which you could access from the quick move menu. I chose that name for the name of my guild because I was bored of doing everything solo, and wanted to actually party up with people to fight normal enemies again, that was my favorite thing about the first guild I joined before Reboot existed, doing party play zones.

I think it's a shame that for most people they can only use the unique aspects of their classes, such as party buffs while fighting bosses, because many people would rather fight enemies by themselves, and get legitimately angry if you accidentally kill an enemy on the map they're in before they show up on the mini-map. I'm not like that though, I actually want to party up with people, and try to recruit anyone that appears on the map I'm on to my party, but it's usually too late, as they've already changed channels.

I want to promote people actually partying up to level up together with this guild (and actually working together, no leeching involved). I'm still trying to decide on my main class (I have 6000 Legion Levels, so I have played the game for a long time, and have a lot of link skills and legion characters, so I am strong though), and I'm the only person in my guild so far, but I'm hoping to get more people so that we can try to set up parties with people that are close in level to each other.

Come on and join my guild, and let's make some parties, and let's bring partying back to Maplestory!

Discord Server URL: https://discord.gg/KRPa9yRJXS (You don't have to join the Discord Server, but I would prefer you do, so we can talk about Maple even when we're not all online. It would also be helpful in-case anyone needs help, they can ask for it, and hopefully someone might be able to get online to help them.)

Guild Level: 1

Guild Members Currently: 1

Guild Style: Laid back but focused on teamwork and playing together in parties to level up.

Guild Skill-point Strategy: My strategy for allocating skill-points is to give people the smoothest leveling experience. Such as increasing the exp people gain against lower level enemies, giving them defense, so they don't die as often to enemies, and putting as much points into damage towards enemies, especially normal enemies as possible. The guild potions and meso skills will be one of the last skills I invest points in, because it's really easy to buy potions that heal a lot of both hp and mp in shops, since they now sell potions that do both, and the meso skills aren't all that worth spending points on over other things in my opinion. I will check every day if we have any available skill points and assign them if there are skills I want available (I've seen too many guilds never spending them).

Final Words: I hope to see you in the guild, let's make maple a fun game with a lot of teamwork again, as we work together to get stronger through leveling up. :D


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    Since someone got really butthurt about me no longer having interest in running this guild, calling me a calling me an (expletive) degenerate after it was weeks before anyone joined, and even then it was only one person at a time days apart (as in one person joined then left before the next person joined), I guess it's necessary for me to respond to this thread instead of just letting it get buried by the actively recruiting guilds.

    But yeah, I've lost interest in the guild and game, because I already played this game a long time over the years and have a lot of high level characters, so it's hard for me to participate in the purpose of this guild due to how the party exp formulas work. It's unreasonable to expect me to still have the same interest in trying to run a guild weeks without anyone joining, and now it's been months since I created the guild.

    I've had bad experience with trying to recruit people in guilds in the past in a lot of other mmorpgs so if it takes entire weeks for me to get members, I'm going to not have any interest in the guild anymore.