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How to Halloween Candy Party & Hidden Mission

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For this year's halloween quest you need to make 3 candies to get the Halloween kitty ear hat, then there is a hidden "secret" mission to get a Halloween mount.

To make the candy you need to get the ingredients, but you are only told one of the three ingredients, you're meant to talk to your friends to find out what the other two are. Well...to save those of you who are like me, who don't have people you can just ask, I've listed the ingredients needed to make the candies. The first three I can confirm work because I was asked those, the rest are what I've found online or over chat so please forgive me if any of them are wrong, if so please mention it for those working on this quest.

[Mint Chocolate Candy] *can confirm
1. Magic Powder (Green) - this is obtained via herbalism but if you don't have herbing, I'm sure there will be some on AH.
2. Peppermint Flower - again obtained via herbalism.
3. Chocolate - You buy this from a merchant, I got mine at Orbis merchant.

[Skull Candy] *can confirm
1. Skull Shoulder Pad - dropped from Dark Cornian in Leafre
2. Kentaurus' Skull - dropped from Black Kentaurus in Leafre
3. Drake Skull - dropped from Drake in Sleepywood

[Healthy Candy] *can confirm
1. 100-year-old Bellflower - dropped from Sr. Bellflower Root in Herb Town (it's the one with the red berry on the root, lower drop than the normal root dropped)
2. Tonic - purchased from merchant, I got mine from the merchant at Herb Town
3. Carrot - dropped from Brown Hare in Ariant

[Fruit Mix Candy]
1. Orange - merchant
2. Lemon - merchant
3 Green Apple - dropped from stump in Perion

[Hot Candy]
1. Peach - Hit the large peach on peach trees in Mu Lung
2. Burning Stone - dropped from Flaming Mixed Golem in Henesys
3. Luster Pixie's Sunpiece - dropped from Luster Pixie in Orbis

[Strawberry Candy]
1. Nependeath's Honey - dropped from Nependeath in Orbis
2. Red Potion - merchant
3. Reindeer Milk - merchant

[Ghost Candy]
1. Tablecloth - dropped from Jr. Wrath in Kerning City subway
2. Holy Water- merchant
3. Charm of the Undead- dropped from Zombie Mushroom in Sleepywood

[Nutty Candy]
1. Melting Cheese - merchant
2. Acorn - hit Acorn trees in Edelstine
3. Hard Walnut - dropped from Black Ratz in Ludibrium

[Jelly Bean]
1. Squishy Liquid - dropped from slime in Ellinia
2. Gelatin - dropped from Cube Slime in Magatia
3. Nependeath Seed - dropped from Nependeath in Orbis

Ok... so once you make 3 candies you get your kitty ear hat.

Now for the hidden mission (there is no quest prompt for this part) put that halloween kitty ear hat on and head over to Kerning City, head to Naora Hospital and while wearing the hat speak to Jane Doe. They will be all 'halloween already?', something like that and at the end of the interaction will give you a choice of the pumpkin mount or ghost mount.



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    You're missing the one that's Pure Water + Water Thief's Water Bottle + Desert Mist (dropped from Royal Cactus)
  • Dnaman101Dnaman101
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    Great candy guide