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Additions to the In-game Macro Functionality

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I honestly don't really understand why the macro system in-game has limitations that require you to use more keys than necessary for some skills (because they're not allowed to be put together on the in-game macro because of having a cooldown, or being a special skill or whatever), but that's not the point of this thread.


I think there should be an additional option (maybe in a new tab in the macro menu) that lets more skills be put on a new kind of macro using the ingame system, by having it function similarly to Maplestory M (minus the automation that game has). Basically this would be a different separate type of macro that has less restrictions on what skills can be bound to it, but instead of automatically completing the sequence of skills instantly, it switches between them whenever you press the key like Maplestory M does.

Other Details:

I know people might say this would ruin the uniqueness of some classes, but honestly I feel like if this was implemented, people who want to play the classes in that way still should just play how they have been playing, and not be upset that there would be option for people who want more accessibility in this game, and want less buttons to press (as more buttons increases the chance of carpal tunnel).

I think this addition would be fair, as it would still require manual input of the button the skills would be bound to, and still require you to press it the same amount of times with the same timing, but just cut down on the stress on your fingers by reducing the number of buttons that need to be pressed.

Also to be fair there already have been changes to how classes play that remove a unique aspect of the class to improve their quality of life. Buccaneer being a good recent example of this, as their transformation mechanic was removed in order to make their damage output more consistent. So I don't see why a change that would make the game more accessible, that exists as a system already in Maplestory M shouldn't be implemented.


  • IambicPantameterIambicPantameter
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    They should just allow us to use macros from keyboard software that we currently have without the drawback of being banned.
  • FuhreakFuhreak
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    They should just allow us to use macros from keyboard software that we currently have without the drawback of being banned.

    You're advocating for botting.