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Remove the 1 Hour Limit for Jett's Home Teleport

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1 Hour is way too long to wait between being able to use the warp from Jett's ship, and it is completely pointless. Also it's really dumb and backwards how it works. Instead of having to wait 1 hour to use the skill, you can use the skill at any point, but then you get trapped on jett's ship until the 1 hour ends. So if you don't realize it works that way you cannot leave Jett's ship until the hour passes.

Like I said this is also pointless too, because there are so many options to teleport around the world that make this skill completely pointless. There are scrolls to teleport to towns, taxis, the portal in Pantheon that warps you to any town in the game, and the maple guide warps. So why does Jett have a skill that only lets you warp once every hour, and gets you trapped in the map until that hour ends?