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Let us grind normally Nexon.

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People talk about how bad Lost Ark, how bad WoW is or any other MMO that has bots problem.

Is Maple any better?

I speak, at least will try to speak for Bera players. We want to grind, we want to level up but sometimes it's just impossible to do so and I will explain why.

Bots/macros or players that consider MapleStory as business and not a game. Limina is full of them, Arcana is full of them. You go around 20 channels just to see Kannas with no guild, most of the time no legion with minus fame, farming those maps 24/7.

Problem is, those players has computer farms. They're playing the game to make money, for RMT. Those players won't let you grind and why? because you "stole" their map. They're guarding the maps. They're using mulitple computers and taking over famous maps to farm mesos just to sell it. They're like a Mafia. Like a weird gang that think they own MapleStory. We can't grind, yet, they make money under your and our noses. If they don't grind then they're just sitting there afk until some player comes to grind there then coming back to KS the player nonstop not letting him grind. If the GMS actually played the game, maybe they would see how bad regular servers are (especially Bera since it's basically the only reg server that active).

Let's say you found a map and there's a Kanna sitting there and you started grinding. if you lucky enough they will "lend" you the map until they come back. They literally coming to you saying "oh you can have the map for 2 hours" then start KSing you after, again, that's if you're lucky enough. Many bots in Arcana attacking the walls, many macros in Limina because you see a Kanna grinding and not even taking runes. They do whatever they want in the game while actual players can't progress. Why do I need to waste my time, my exp coupons, etc just so some Kanna is going to KS me nonstop.

Yesterday I was trying to grind in Limina, 1-4 for example. 2 players sitting on big chairs not doing anything in the map. One of the players literally was guarding the map so no one will take it (didn't even grind at all) because his friend, again, a Kanna, was waiting for him to wake up because he was sleeping so he will let him have the map to sell the mesos for money after that. They use computer farms and has workers that work for them like it's some actual job. I want to progress. I want to grind and I want to have fun. I actually have proofs from a mesos farmer on discord of what they exactly do and how they farm with 8-10 computers.

Has a player who almsot level 260, where am I suppose to grind and level up if they steal all the maps while they don't even want to play the game but make money out of it? Let your GMs go around Limina for example, 1-4,1-5, 2-4, 2-5 and see how crazy and bad it is.Thank you and hopefully someday you will fix that.


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    Personally, when I'm trying to do dailies and folks in Limina are hogging the maps and they demand I change channel, I ignore them. My whole guild has this problem, and I assure you, none will EVER kick me for killstealing. Worst part is, these jerks know exactly where to sit and what chairs to use to avoid the AFK Mobs. I used to complain that those things were annoying and unneeded, but now they're annoying, unneeded, AND worthless.
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    It's gotten to the point that they started moving on to Labyrinth of Suffering now, it's ridiculous.