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Sneak peak of My Home Maplemas event next year!

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This year was the first time to enjoy My Home content here in Global MapleStory including the holiday special events - Halloween and Christmas (Maplemas)!
Here is a small sneak peak of what is waiting for us next year!!

In the overseas Taiwan MapleStory and China MapleStory they recieved this year the Maplemas Home Expansion! Check out for the full details here at the Taiwan MapleStory webpage!

Event Time :
2022/12/14 09:00 ~ 2022/12/27 23:59

Event Eligibility
Lv.200 and above, players who completed my cabin teaching mission

Event content
< Christmas cottage >
During the event, you can purchase Christmas furniture and add 23 and 25 new collection rewards.
23 types of → soft snowman bed
25 types of → Christmas cottage expansion blueprints
Use the expansion design and complete the 7-day expansion mission to get a three-story cottage for Christmas.


For those who missed this year (on December 25th) - it was possible to earn a free gift once per world from the Maplemas Tree!

Looks like that probably next year the Large Maplemas Furnishings Pack's shopping duration will be changed to 9 hours instead of 10 hours (I really hope so!).

Neo Castle limited edition Furniture rewards

In MapleStorySEA - for the launch of My Home content recently - they decided to bring that special limited edition of items from Neo Castle!

Original event details at Taiwan MapleStory webpage:


Event details in MapleStorySEA event webpage: