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Lv 90 gear

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edited January 2023 in General Chat
Would anyone have any information on obtaining lv 90 gear in Reboot? It seems all mobs drop lv 80 gear or lv 100 gear skipping lv 90 gear altogether. Sand Dwafs, Scorpions and any other mobs in Ariant or Magatia just drop lv 100. It's weird since this is only for lv 90 gear. The reason I'm asking is I'm trying to get ahold of a black oriental fury hat for an anvil. Ardentmill only lets you make the green one.


  • FuhreakFuhreak
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    edited January 2023
    In my experience gear seems to round up. So fighting level 90> stuff will give you level 100 gear. Try fighting some level 85-90 enemies.

    Edit:Looking into it myself, it seems that level 90 gear is a bit hard to find as you said. No level 80-100 mobs seemed to drop it.
    I even went to future maps because I remembered that they used to drop low level gear for some reason, but it seems that has since been fixed.
    I checked the overseas content as well but it seems to drop low level common gear. (Good place to get work gloves.)

    It's possible that Nexon accidentally replaced all the drop tables for it when they fixed high level areas dropping low level gear.
  • DoubleShiftDoubleShift
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    I would just like to know if this is intentional or a bug.

  • EshmanEshman
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    Since the transfer system was revamped you can now transfer stats straight from level 80-100 gear and those levels fly bye so quickly these days. Tbh once you reach level 100 a ton of far better gear options and bosses open up to you anyway regardless of the job class. Fyi you can look up items through Hidden Street (dot) net *(although the info may be slightly dated) to find the mobs that have a chance of dropping the item you are looking for.