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I think the Nexon Launcher hates me

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edited September 2016 in Rants and Raves
Everytime I want to update maplestory, I would download it fine in the launcher and then when it is updating the files, it gets stuck.
But once I use gamelauncher and patch it up through there, it works perfectly fine.
I don't know if it my fault but it is annoying having to use two methods to get one thing done.
Maybe it a glitch on my computer or because of the directories or a bug or something but I hope one day I would be able to trust the Launcher.
Maybe I not waiting long enough. I mean I would though 3 hours would be enough but maybe it is more

(I updated one of my computers for Maplestory recently and this happened).


  • YoshumariYoshumari
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    edited September 2016
    I've always launched maplestory using the gamelauncher. I know the Nexon Launcher is better than it was, but I've always just gone straight to the gamelauncher. The only game so far that i use the NxnLauncher for is Icarus.