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This rant is dedicated to all the players who don't have a voice. Nexon it has been many years since the horrible world transfer decision you guys made in which many players were separated and many players left the game. This decision led to the rise of MapleStory 2 gms which many players who left had the opportunity to completely forget what they did and start anew.

This was also a flop cause ms2 due to players only being there for drama and not actually supporting the game ended up shutting the game down. This was a big blow as how you open a game only to shut it down. Really? But it doesn't end there we have to speak about many false bans and many bans based on harassment most of the staff ignored.

This is unacceptable. Now one thing I can say is I did like this neo-tokyo event as many of us who have a life and doing big things outside the game had an opportunity to do some quests get some quick exp and items and perks and make big gains. I do feel this is probably the only great thing so far you guys had done in the last few years. Also, I do like how you took "my" advice and added homes to MapleStory.

This is something I wanna take my hat off to as I was the originator of that idea. Now the guild base I heard is "another of my idea" you guys are adding as well. So one thing I notice too is I see where you guys are going with how the game is going to be doing events and moving from now on and I notice a few things. I notice that you guys are adding concepts from dragon nest and MapleStory2.

Which are Nexon creations. I like that you guys are finally looking at some of your best products and actually utilizing what made those games great and not this one. If we are serious about making maple great again and giving the people a voice we should look at some of your best products and start using materials from those in future updates.

Dragonnest similar to this event has a quest that gives you exp and gives you a lot of items and perks. This is a good idea because you won't need to take away the reboot or destroy the concept. Also, one thing in dragon nest that makes it a good game is that you had in maple before and took out pvp and pve. I think if you want people to be more active adding it in using one of my former forums posts is a good idea. I say adding in some stuff from this event like pvp winners getting exp potions or something like that would be cool.

Also, one word of advice would be to stop banning your most innovative and creative players as we are the ones who give you ideas and you should honor and appreciate us more. But yeah I say read my former post and reuse your former game concepts and we see the game move forward in the right direction. now if you don't like my idea, Just take advice from whoever made the decision to do the world transfer event, and whoever the good idea was for all those other decisions just don't listen to me take advice from them.