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KMS 20th Anniversary is bringing big improvements!

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Source: https://orangemushroom.net/2023/04/04/maplestory-20th-anniversary-preview/
Buff Freezers and Pendant Slot Expansions will become free permanently applied features.
First, they removed EXP loss from death, and now you won't be losing buffs from dying even without buff freezers, which should be converted to Maple Points once implemented. One side effect though, Battleroids are going to crash in price. Also, 2nd pendant slot being permanently open not only means less NX spent on premium upkeep, but all your characters will be stronger without restriction. I wonder what's going to replace the free pendant expansion coupons from the Fairy Bros Daily Gift calendar?
New scrolls will be added to Spell Traces.
100% Clean Slate Scroll
100% Ark Innocent Scroll
100% Innocent Scroll
100% Gold Hammer
Now that's what I call flipping off RNG. Naturally, they're going to cost a lot more, likely tenfold, but how does this affect Spell Traces' price in the Auction House? Also, they're finally adding Golden Hammer to Spell Trace.
The accessibility of Additional Potential will be alleviated.
Strange Additional Cubes can tier up to Epic rank and reroll Epic rank Additional Potential.
About time.
The Cube Rank Up system will be improved.
A new ceiling system will be added when using Red Cubes, Black Cubes, and Additional Cubes. If you use a certain number of cubes without tiering up, you will be guaranteed to tier up on the next cube.
They're finally adding a pity system, though only for cash cubes.