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"A hacking program has been detected” since patch

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Yesterday and all the years playing before the most recent patch I have been able to log in and play. Today I logged in, the patch updated on launcher and nothing... waited... waited... waited... then an error message popped up telling me to remove the third party hacking software.

ummm... excuse me?

There is no hacking software, there is just what is downloaded/updated from your end.

So I don't know what to do. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling, system restoring, clicking that cog icon and asking it to fix the files and... nadda... The recent update has broken my game/launcher.

What can I do? I have dailies that are time sensitive, the golden bros but also the anniversary event.

I'm wallowing in unfair vibes.


  • KhongiKhongi
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    So what I did to solve this:

    I only deleted/uninstalled the game folder before this time I uninstalled everything, launcher included. Deleted the game folder first, restarted machine, uninstalled the launcher via the launcher, checked that every single trace of wizet/nexon was off my computer, restarted machine. Downloaded the launcher off the website, ran a anti-virus check on launcher exe file, it cleared, installed the launcher via .exe, restarted machine, downloaded the game via launcher, ran an anti-virus check on game folder once installed, restarted machine, launched game, the launcher downloaded further software (forget but it was dx something) then the game launched as usual, no error message pop-ups.

    So if you are getting this error scrub your machine of everything nexon/wizet, deep check that, then start fresh. I uninstalled the game only previously to this overkill method and i still kept getting this error. Now I'm back into the game.

    No idea why it broke after the recent patch but it did, sucks to be me.