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Monster Collection. RNG to PRD

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edited October 2016 in Suggestions, Feedback, and Requests
FYI I know Monster Collection is getting 'revised' because collecting certain types of elite monsters is cancer.

Change rng to prd. PRD is pseudo-random distribution. A mechanic from DotA 2. "every "roll" operates independently, but in PRD, the effect's chance increases every time it does not happen. This results in the effects occurring more consistently."


E.g. P = 1%. Every monster of the same specie you kill will increase the probablility of collecting it by 0.1%. Killing a thousand consecutively should increase your chance to 11% and so on.

This is to prevent extreme cases of farming over many hours just to collect one monster, especially the high level ones. I spent 3 hours at Red Kentaurus* and gave up. Or you could just buff the collection rate, i don't care either way. Some of the rewards like character slots, VIP hair colors, chairs are great, but they're impossible to get unless you spend enormous amounts hours and have really good luck. I doubt the intention of Monster Collection was to feel like a chore, just as grinding for levels in 210+.