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Black Mage Pattern Difficulty Increase

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edited September 2023 in Bug Reporting
KMS patch notes indicate that full map spikes are indeed a bug that will be fixed in the future, and this thread is not about that.

I and several others have noticed that in phase 2 of Black Mage, the purple meteors pattern always syncs up with the barbed meteors pattern. And simultaneously, this is always synced up with either or both the black chains and flaming spikes pattern. This was not mentioned in patch notes, so it is highly uncertain whether this was an intentional change by the developers or a bizarre bug created by inadvertent coding.

Previously, this was possible to happen, but a highly unusual occurrence for all of these patterns to coincide. Now, it's pretty consistently every minute. Dodging 3-4 patterns at once, as you might assume, is quite difficult, and sometimes, based on RNG, downright impossible.

To reproduce: Enter Black Mage practice mode, get to P2, wait for the first purple meteors pattern.

Reproducibility: across 4 practice runs, with 3-4 purple meteor patterns per run 100%.

Uncertainties: Unclear if real black mage (not practice) has the same issues. Unable to check as I cleared 2 weeks ago.