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Don't Implement the Changes to Reboot Enemies

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The system of enemies being stronger in Reboot but giving more exp than in regular worlds, was a major aspect of what made Reboot unique. It's really sad to see that every single aspect of the game will now be changed whenever KMS makes any change, no matter if it should be implemented to Global too as well. GMS is already balanced differently than the other regions, in fact GMS is probably the best version of Maple to have that system in Reboot, because we have access to a lot of things that completely change the balance of the game, so we can become strong enough for the Reboot mobs hp to be considered reasonable.

What does Reboot really offer over other servers with the removal of the enemies being rebalanced for the Reboot world? What just instead of bonus potentials you get the Reboot buff? That's it right? So for the most part with this change Reboot will basically just be a worse version of the regular worlds, because not only is regular trading disabled, you can't even share equips between your characters that can be shared in regular worlds. Honestly Reboot should be able to put more things in the bank at this point, the current endgame items aren't tradable anyway, so there's no point not being able to trade the items that were endgame when Reboot was first added to the game.

People already have been farming for those items for years, there's not really a reason those old items can't be shared within account in Reboot now. And it would be better for items that could only be obtainable during one event for people that have them to at least be able to use them on more than one character.

I was already disappointed by the huge changes we already received to make GMS in-line with KMS, but this is just ridiculous. We did kind of expect this to happen, but we hoped someone would say something about how it's not a good idea. What next are you going to make the weapon attack speed the same as KMS, even though that would completely change how almost every class that doesn't use hurricane style skills work?