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Sell Price of Boss items raised in stores

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edited November 2023 in Suggestions, Feedback, and Requests
Suggesting items in store such as pensalir armor sets , chaos zakum sets , enraged zakum cape , zakum items , CRA , Sets , Chaos pink bean drops . basically all higher level boss or monster drops have their store sale values raised so we can make money off of drops other than crystals.


  • FuhreakFuhreak
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    edited December 2023
    Is this a suggestion for reboot?
    I would agree but this might require a bit of balance (drop rate would benefit heavily) and Nexon would most likely balance it by lowering boss crystal prices.
    I'd personally like it if you could sell the CRA pieces for meso instead of having to open them and then sell the equipment.
    Even if they just increase the price of the items that sell for 1 on reboot to values close to the other items that would already be a good improvement.
  • iBundanceiBundance
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    edited December 2023
    Yes this is a reboot suggestion having these items worth millions instead of a couple hundred thousand would be better since they arent as easily obtained early on without drop rate which many new players dont have reliable access to.